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Ready to learn the art and science of  pelvic alignment, pelvic mobility and cardinal movements to enable labour to progress?

Remove the FEAR around birth by being empowered with knowledge to understand how you can be in control.





Meet Ginny Phang

“The birth of a baby is also the birth of a mother and a father (over and over again with each birth), and I love facilitating the journey of these parents as the human spirit unfolds and blossoms through pregnancy, birth and the fourth trimester.”

Sixteen years ago, when I followed my inner voice through one of the most challenging times of my life, I now look back with the beautiful gift of hindsight, knowing hand on heart that I am truly blessed to have found my calling as a Doula. With a passion and desire to serve (expectant) parents in my home of Singapore as well as now travelling around the world as a mentor to teach healthcare professionals and birth workers so the work of empowerment continues beyond my existence.



Ginny's passion for birth extends to

The OMP Program

Having a baby pass through the pelvis is like putting the key through the keyhole. If the key hole is rusty, there may be problems of a smooth insertion. The key may get stuck and cause difficulties turning to unlock or even removing the key. The good news is there are many things that pregnant women can do to not just help with the key – key, meaning the baby! And there is a lot more than she can do to create space within the keyhole – meaning the pelvis, for the baby to pass through...............



OMP for Parents

Many courses teach you movements to help align and position baby during birth, yet miss one of the most important things that empowers mother's for their birth experience. WHY these movements and exercises are so important.

Ready to learn how you can take control of your own birth experience by understanding your body and how to prepare for your birth?

Where do I start?

Begin your OMP Online journey - TODAY (LIFETIME ACCESS)

Take this online journey where you will learn the art and science that will enable labour to progress. Over 70+ modules and videos that will walk you through step by step including daily exercises that will help with Optimal Maternal Positioning.

Get Started TODAY with the entire workshop with easy to manage learning modules so you can take all the information at your own pace to watch over at your own pace. 

Access Online Modules

OMP LIVE Workshop

A hands-on action packed day where you will surround yourself with other like-minded individuals.

Join other Birth Professionals, mothers and body workers in this hands-on experiential learning where you will learn the importance of Pelvic Alignment, Pelvic Mobility and how to facilitate cardinal movements to allow Labour to Progress.

LIVE Workshop

Hear what others are saying about Optimal Maternal Positioning (OMP)


Imagine a world where cesarean rates are reduced to less than 10%, Postpartum depression has been significantly reduced, Faster physical recovery after birth AND Birth professionals (Medical and Non-Medical) collaborate to achieve the desired outcomes of the birth experience that mother's choose to have by enabling labour to progress.

Optimal Maternal Positioning aims to bridge this gap to empower all those who collectively allow this experience to evolve.


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